Day 4

Well here we are. 4th day into the ride. Didn’t expect the heat or what the humidity would do to me and my asthma.  Ug!  But God is good, everyone is very helpful and supportive. Loving it in spite of the heat.
Tonight we are in Rolling Fork, MS. The birthplace of Muddy Waters and the teddy bear.
Muddy Waters got his name from the drinking water here. We’ve been told it is brown, but it is safe… hence the Muddy Waters.
and the teddy bear –  Remember was named after Teddy Roosevelt. Seems he was here on a bear hunt and the story goes “he went to lunch” and the guide clunked a bear on the head and President wouldn’t shoot a tied up bear. Someone decided to make a toy bear and asked to name it Teddy after this story…

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