Friday, July 27, 2012 – Memphis

Today we rode from Clarksville, MS to Memphis. HWY 61 most of the way. The highlights… and the lowlights…
Only lowlight was we have had a total of three flats. Two today! Ron ended the day by cycling to the local bike shop and purchasing a new tire in Memphis to bring along as a spare.

The trip itself has been amazing! I have simply been trying to enjoy the journey! Talking with anyone. The reactions are the best when we tell people we are riding home to MN.
Even from the gentleman who said “You sound like a Yankee, we have a lot of Yankees around here. You should go visit them! They are in the Cemetery!”

On that same day, we ran across a post master/mistress who did just about everything for the people of the town. She even set out a live trap for one of the locals who needed mice to feed her pet 5.5 foot long ? Corn snake ! Also the pastor who seemed quicker with his wit than I do times. Ok, give me a break, I had ridden close to 50 miles already that day. I didn’t find out he was a pastor until after he left.

The reactions have also been fun when people come to find out I am a pastor… “O sorry, I didn’t mean to swear. I should know better.”  to, “You? A pastor?” or, “I’ve never met a Lutheran before!”

On our first day of riding we heard ‘splashes’ in the water beside us. We soon came to notice what it was… Alligators! Largest I saw was about 4.5 feet. Most were a foot and a half or less… all sunning themselves on logs in the bog beside the road. This made us hug the center of the road a little closer.
We were able to tell the story of Riding-4-Rice a number of times. Tonight we were finally  able to share some with someone! They loved it! Have had a Few donations!  Thanks for that! Keep them coming if you can! (Ok Sue only 1; $20 standing outside the dome.)

Will write more later…

Thanks all for your support in so many ways!

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