Saturday Adventure – July 28, 2012

Our day began in Memphis,  TN. We had stayed the night at Pilgrim House Hostel. Not a bad place to stay, just interesting and interesting people too.


We left the hostel by 5:30 am and began our journey.  We retraced our steps back into town and rode in front of the Stax Museum.  Quite the cool place if you like music. Sort of like Holy Ground if you are a fan of Soul, Rhythm and a little bit of Blues.


We crossed the Mississippi on Hwy 55. There was a separate area for pedestrians and bikes. Thank goodness because even with the divider and the fact that it was 6 am it was a little harried. But the views were spectacular.  Sunrise over the river with Memphis in view.


Once we crossed the river our fun began. The first exit we took led us down under the freeway and then back towards the river and under the freeway. (We just did a big spiral circle but on a bicycle)  Once we were under the bridge we were beside the river. BUT on a dirt road. Dirt would have been nice… it was a rocky road. But it was the road Google Maps told us to go on so it must be right…(our first mistake). Not knowing how long this would be we pressed on. Within minutes we were passed by a truck pulling a boat. A good sign in our eyes as we were on Dacus Lake Rd. People travel it. We must be ok…
We continued for about two miles on the rocky road and crossed under Freeway I40 and headed north. The road got a little less rocky (but no more paved!). We continued as we were still following the directions from Google Maps.  Upon finding the lake we were to head left, north along the lake. Trouble,  trouble, trouble…  This is where the real trouble began.


There was a road construction detour sign with the name of the road we were to remain on. No arrows, no direction. Only ‘Robinson Road Detour’. (Whats that mean? Keep reading, you will figure it out.)
We stopped at this point as it had been close to an hour and a half and the sun was beginning to rise; we applied sunscreen as we knew it was going to be hot and this was as good a time and spot as any.
We headed down Robinson Road and were immediately greeted with a fence across the road with a great big padlock on it. We could see a short distance up the road and could tell it would run along a corn field. “I’ll help you with your bike if you help me with mine?” I said to Ron. So we proceeded to detour bikes over the short locked fence. (Second mistake).


As I was helping Ron with his bike he said something to the effect of hearing the theme song from the movie “Deliverance” in his head. But, the first thing he said once back on his bike was “awe this is nice”. It was flat, smooth and shaded. It was nice after all, for about a minute maybe two…


As soon as we went around the corner that we had been unable to see around previously I knew we were in trouble. The road was GONE. We were no longer beside a field we were IN a field. Surrounded by corn and the tallest ferns I have seen in my life. Oh and you know the ‘nice’ surface Ron liked? It too was gone. MUD– freshly watered corn field! Sink!


We made the wise decision and turned around… back up the nice part of the road, back up to the fence to lift our bikes over to the tune of Deliverance,  back to the detour sign to rest and clean off as much mud from our bikes and ourselves as we could. Back down the rocky road across the bridge made of timber that moved with every step on it. Further on back down the rocky road until we reach the freeway I40. I pull Ron aside and say “we could continue on the rocky road, or we could walk our bikes up the side of this hill and get on the freeway right here!” He didn’t answer, he just proceeded up the side of the hill and I followed after. (Best decision of the day!)


We were fine the rest of the day and made it to our destination… even though the decision to travel the last 15 miles ranks up there as a not so good decision as by 3 pm the heat and the headwind were at the fiercest!
However, we made it and are having the time of our lives…


Until next time…
Pastor David Sperstad

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