Friday, August 3, 2012

Well, the morning started out in a fog. A very dense fog. Much like life can be at times. You know where you want to go, and what the goal is, you just can’t see it. So just like life on a bicycle, you keep pedaling and you push through it. I thought a lot about God on this portion of the ride (no, not because I was praying I wouldn’t get hit in the fog). I was thinking that, even in the fog, even in the midst of life when it seems the sun didn’t rise, it still did. Sometimes in our faith journey we have a tendency to be in a fog. We wonder if Jesus really rose from the dead, if this is all real, or if we are just believing  to believe.  But then, like the fog, it lifts and we begin to see the sun. We are drenched with the living water that is the Son! He rose and is with us always… that’s the promise we hold onto even when we can’t see a few feet ahead of us.


I was riding in the fog thinking about the decision we made to cut straight north rather than hug the eastern edge of Iowa along the river. How would I feel about this? Would I wish someday I had stayed with the river? I don’t believe so because next summer on my planned route across America east to west on the Trans-Am trail, I will do what is known as the western express route once in Colorado and finish in San Fransisco rather than in Seattle.  So, this is okay. We are riding home from New Orleans, Riding-4-Rice and promoting Food for Kidz the best we can.


Anyway, back to riding in the fog or the mist. We are in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. We rode 60 hard miles on the highway. It was a good ride. I can say, yes, there is a drought.  The Des Moines River looked pretty sad. The fields look  pretty rough and the ponds,  if they still exist, are very low. Pray for rain in this area (let’s say on Monday though!).


We are staying at our sister church, First United Methodist. Very nice people, very welcoming and helpful. Ron is off planning our route I suppose, for tomorrow, one place we need to stop tomorrow is in Coralville, Iowa. They have my favorite restaurant “The Vine” which has the country’s best chicken wings! Yes, we will stop there again for a bite to eat and see where we can get to after that before we call it a day.


Until next time…

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