Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tonight we are just south of Waterloo, Iowa, at Mary and Ed Busey’s – a warm shower host home.


Today was a ride into the wind…
I think it was Jim Croce who sang ‘don’t spit into the wind, you pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Slim’  that’s what I sang today… but I said you should ride into the wind. We had a headwind our entire route today. Okay, maybe not for a couple of miles. But when you ride 91 of 93 miles with it in your face it might as well be the entire way.


Yesterday we encountered our first bit of rain. I can say bit of rain, Ron might say otherwise. We arrived at Iowa City at about 2 pm.  As we arrived it started to rain a bit so we hung out under a bridge. It rained hard for about five minutes and then we left in an ever so slight sprinkle.


As we continued to ride I realized where we were, so we went right to the hotel my brother, Eric had reserved. As we were on our way… yup! You guessed it, it started to rain. We should have stopped at The Vine and pulled our bikes inside but I figured they wouldn’t let us so we continued… and so did the rain. The came at a faster pace than we did.


Just as I was about to cross the street I looked back, no Ron!  Visibility was almost nil. I did see Ron ‘s brite hunter orange bag covers so I waved to be sure he could see me and continued to the hotel. As I walked it started to pour! Not just cats and dogs, but like hippopotamuses and elephants.


The people at the desk let us check in early as they didn’t want us hanging out in the lobby,  they also washed our clothes and gave us towels to clean up our bikes.


The other highlights of yesterday were the A&W rootbeer floats, seeing my brother, and The Vine for chicken wings. Still the best!


The highlight today is that the  room I am sleeping in is sort of a shrine to that GREAT green team from Wisconsin … I am sleeping under a Paul Hornung autographed jersey.  Trying to get him to trade for a Ride-4-Rice shirt, but I don’t think he will!


Well, that would be the last couple of days. We are down to just over 300 miles tonight– 4 more nights, 5 days of riding… should be home by noon on Friday the 10th!


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