Monday, August 6, 2012

Today was a melancholy day for me. This morning Vacation Bible School started back home at First Lutheran. Now I know that VBS happened at FLC long before I got there and will continue long after I am gone. (Don’t worry, I have no plans of leaving.) I just love the excitement that happens at FLC during VBS week.


So while my seat may still be on the saddle, and my feet are pedaling,  my heart this morning at 9 a.m. was with the over 225 people who were at the Vacation Bible School opening day! My prayers are with each of you and I thank you for all you do to share your God-given faith with one another and the world around you.


So our ride today started with something we have not experienced yet. It was COLD!  I wore a jacket and Ron wore a long sleeve shirt. We did stop at McDonald’s but for coffee and hot chocolate … no frozen parfaits today.


It was suggested that we not take a particular road out of Waterloo but to take one  that runs parallel to it. So, we turned at Airline Road and went the direction opposite the airport thinking that it was a major road and would lead us one or two miles to the road that runs parallel and in the direction we needed to head all day, North! Now, if you have read at all about this adventure, you know nothing goes as planned.  We went two miles, only to have the road turn to dirt in every direction except the one we had just come down.


You are right … we went on ahead and turned left down the dirt road. All’s well. It was actually the road the map said we should be on. This time the printed map had a dirt road as a major roadway so we rode about three miles on this rocky road. Thankfully no flats! Only Iowa dust. (I think I will clean my bike off in our garden at home in order to add some of all the states I’ve been in to the soil. From some places it is kind of like the Mars dust.)


Our ride was pretty uneventful today. We stopped a few times to enjoy the scenery,  corn!  When it wasn’t corn it was soybeans. Just about as far as one could see. We did see a few of the corn fields being turned into silage. But the beans looked good.


We had lunch in Lawler at a place called the Hole in the Wall. Ron must have thought it was because almost immediately after sitting down he got up to use the restroom and proceeded to go out the back door to the alley.  He was redirected.


Weather-wise the day couldn’t have been better, yes, even with the cold. It was about 90 for a high and wind, if there was much, was slightly at our backs.


We are staying in Cresco, Iowa with a warmshowers host. He is a Funeral Director. No, no bodies in the basement and I’m not going to open any closets as we all have stuff in there we would rather not have seen. Duane was an ultra marathon bike rider, riding a couple of hundred miles a day. Ugh, I could have gone more today but why would you want to go 200 miles? 273 miles was his most. Double Ugh!


Well, tomorrow we will be seeing some family and friends in Kasson,  Minnesota.  As I am writing we are at almost 1150 miles — 4 days and 4 nights till I am home.


At least we will make it for the VBS picnic … I wonder if they will have any bananas and if I will have a clean shirt???


Blessings all,


Pastor David Sperstad

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