Confirmation at First Lutheran Church may look a little different than in some other congregations. Rather than two years of classes that meet year-round, we have structured the Confirmation curriculum so that students attend subject-oriented classes at specific times of year. Confirmation learning begins in the spring of 2nd grade and continues until students are confirmed in the fall of their 9th grade year.

In our curriculum building, our goals are:

• to involve the whole family – not just the student
• to tailor the materials to each grade level’s understanding
• to provide multimedia and experiential components, in order to reach students who learn in many different ways
• to give students tangible reminders of God’s love for them and their place in God’s world
• to help families and the congregation live up to the promises we make when a child is baptized
• to build significant relationships between students and others in the congregation
• to engage students’ hearts through servant activities, gift-based projects, and field trips


We pray that these experiences will help learners to grow in grace and maturity – not only during their time in Confirmation, but throughout their life as followers of Jesus Christ.

To register a student for Confirmation, click here:  registration and health form 2017-2018complete and return to the church office.

For a confirmation class schedule for 2016-17, click here: Confirmation Schedule 2017-2018

Most Confirmation classes meet Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions about Confirmation ministry at First Lutheran Church, please contact us.

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